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NICOARMS Shark-S308-TACTICAL Muzzle Brake .308Win


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Muzzle brake NICOARMS Shark-S308-TACTICAL - 72 x 22 mm, 104 g, color chrome, material 416 Stainless Steel, thread 5/8 "x 24, caliber .308Win .

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Muzzle brake NICOARMS Shark-S308-TACTICAL offers a reverse bleed to provide a kickback reduction. Shark's model is an ultra-lightweight and compact design that delivers top-of-the-line kickbacks of up to 55-70% . Closed substructure combined with upward venting effectively eliminates barrel growth. Precision machining of heat treated stainless steel for excellent durability can withstand extreme heat. The compact construction of the rake provides a reduction in the flame flash of up to 35-45%. The Shark-S308 is designed to fit a .308Win caliber with a thread of mainly 5 / 8-24 turns.For best performance, it is recommended to clamp using the "Crush Washer" pad (not included).


ASSEMBLY muzzle brake
Never make any NICOARMS Shark-S308-TACTICAL layouts. Never install additional accessories to increase performance or product value. Never make a NICOARMS Shark-S308-TACTICAL layout on your weapon. The NICOARMS Shark-S308-TACTICAL is designed exclusively for professional installation by a professional rifle service.


Failure to follow these warnings increases the possibility of accidents leading to death or serious injury! Failure to comply with these requirements also results in a loss of warranty. During product use, you are responsible for your safety and the safety of others around you!

Weapons up to 3000J max.

1 x NICOARMS Shark-S308-TACTICAL Muzzle Brake .308Win


Data sheet

Dimensions LxWxH 72 x 22 mm
Weight 104 g
Surface finish Stainless steel
Material 416 Stainless Steel
Thread 5/8" x 24
Caliber .308Win
Flash Reduction 35-45%
Muzzle Rise Reduction 55-70%
Crush Washer no


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