Payment methods:

Cash on delivery

The most popular and most used way to pay for goods. We send shipment orders virtually upon receipt of the order because you do not have to wait for confirmation of non-cash payments. You pay for goods when delivering carriers and most often in cash. 

(Cash on delivery is discontinued from 16.3.2020 to carriers due to the state of emergency in the Czech Republic do not accept cash).

Pre-bank transfer

You can pay your goods in advance using a bank transfer. This method of payment for goods is the cheapest but on the other hand also the slowest. Based on your order, we will send you a bank transfer instruction by email and, after crediting the payment to our account, will ship the ordered goods in the required manner.

PayPal transfer

You can pay in advance using PayPal. This method of payment for goods is intended mainly for foreign customers. With your PayPal account, you can pay for goods immediately and we are able to ship your order in the 24h window.

Payment by credit card at the dispenser

You can pay for the goods by credit card at the dispenser. This form of payment for goods is the cheapest and fastest. Based on your payment for received goods, we will send you a confirmation of payment and billing by e-mail or by sms.


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