Extended warranty of 3 years

Armyman s.r.o. allows you to obtain an extended warranty for selected products for 3 years.
To obtain this extended warranty, additional purchase of the purchased product is required, which is free of charge.

1. How to obtain an extended warranty for your new product?

1.1 Refer to the "Extended Warranty" label in the summary provided under the warranty manual for the extended warranty at www.armyman.cz. If you have found it, the possibility of free extended warranty applies to it, so you can continue to sign up for it.

1.2 On the info@armyman.cz email, send the information and the product data, attach a sales document and in the last step enter your personal data.

1.3 After sending the data, wait for Armyman s.r.o. they will check the data you have entered, and if they all agree, they will send you a 3 year warranty confirming the extended warranty for your newly purchased product.

1.4 The Action Offer gives the customer the possibility to obtain a three-year warranty on specified products with the "Extended Warranty" label, which the customer purchases within the specified time determined by Armyman s.r.o, when the action offer is in progress. The promotional offer includes only those customers who meet the additional conditions listed below and receive a three-year warranty.

- Participation in the action offer is completely free of charge.
- Only people older than eighteen can take part in the offer.
- The offer is available at the store located at www.armyman.cz
- The action offer starts on February 10, 2019 and is still ongoing

2. Products covered by the warranty

2.2 The condition of obtaining a three-year warranty is due to be registered within 14 days of purchase of the product:

2.3 Send the product data to email info@armyman.cz.

2.4 Attaching scanned documents (copy of an account or invoice relating to a product purchased under an offer)

2.5 After registration, the accuracy of all data will be confirmed by email.

2.6 The organizer of the offer will send within one month from the date of registration the confirmation of the three-year warranty. This confirmation allows the customer to provide an extended warranty for three years from the date of purchase of the product.

3. The Customer is entitled to a three-year warranty only on condition that Armyman s.r.o. shall submit the following documents

3.1 Proof of purchase of the claimed product under an offer - receipt, invoice and confirmation of the three-year warranty

These terms come into effect on February 10, 2019.

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